16-slice CT

Insitum 16

High configuration \ high performance \ high quality

Perfect combination of precision and open
20lp/cm high resolution diagnosis + 76cm large aperture

The Insitum 16 CT breaks through the traditional technical barriers and provides customers with a large aperture and wide scanning space. Meanwhile, it improves the resolution of the image space to 20lp/cm, and helps to achieve accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It enriches the scope of clinical applications, improves the expandability of the equipment, and greatly optimizes clinical experience and performance.
  • Precise
    Spatial Resolution upto 20lp/cm
  • Open space
    76cm large aperture

76cm large aperture
250kg high-precision patient table
Achieve true multiple functions in one machine

- To meet the needs of patients of various body types
- CT tumor localization and positioning
- CT localization and positioning in radiotherapy
- To bring more clinical applications

32-row equidistant detector array

The 32-row detector system independently developed by SinoVision can realize uninterrupted overlapping data acquisition of each anatomical detail and obtain diploid detector data, thus avoiding the artifact of soft tissues and the artifact on the bone tissue and air interface, and achieving unparalleled image quality. The new generation of rare earth ceramic detectors can provide ultra-high absorption efficiency, ultra-low electronic noise and high-fidelity images, truly restore each voxel value of the image and achieve high isotropic resolution.

Advanced imaging chain

The efficient image chain can meet customers’ needs in clinical applications such as large flow, large-scale scanning, multi-phase enhanced scanning and CTA.
  • 5.3 MHu
    X-ray tube
  • 50 kW
    High voltage
  • 0.5 Second
    Rotational speed

Brand new human-computer interaction design

- Friendly and intelligent human-computer interface,
- more convenient and efficient operation.
- Intelligent standby mode to reduce power loss.

Excellent clinical images, comprehensive clinical applications

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