32-slice CT

Insitum 32

True 32-row physical detector module
with 32-image reconstruction per rotation.
Truly realize full HD, full high speed and full thin-slice image

True dual "32" image system

Insitum 32 CT adopts physical 32-row detector three-dimensional equal-pixel design. Compared with the traditional 16-slice CT, it can complete double examination within the same time and bulb tube consumption. Ultra-high isotropy is achieved based on the optimized 0.625mm cube pixel design, which ensures that the images will not be distorted when observed from all angles.
The design of equidistant 32x0.625mm detector in combination with real-time acquisition and reconstruction of two-channel DAS and X-ray tube switching technology can realize a true high definition, thin slice and fast scanning.

Efficient workflow

One-key positioning

The system supports the pre-set of the scanning position. After setting, just with one key, patient positioning is completed, the invalid waiting time of operator positioning is shortened, and the patient examination flow is improved.

Easy operation interface

Whole navigation guided manipulation processing .

Excellent clinical images, comprehensive clinical applications

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